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Jun 11, 2014


Designing a room for kids is always the most challenging. It seems that as we adults grow older, recapturing those golden childhood moments just seems harder. So what is the best way to dress up a kid's room so that the kids would enjoy their time inside?
Firstly, place yourself in the shoes of your child. Think back about what are some key elements of a room that attract you back when you are very much younger. Of course, the young ones these days are more exposed to global influences than us back when we are young, but a kid's desire to have lots of fun in his or her own little space remains the same regardless of era.
Trends come and go all the time. The cuteness of the latest and hottest cartoon characters far outstrip their longevity, yet some parents have 'permanent' features or furniture pieces created out of them because their kids asked for it. The last thing you want is something so permanent that once your child grows older in a few years, they will look too juvenile. Instead, go for something that can be removed effortlessly, like wall decals, framed prints and posters or paint colours. Make sure these are inexpensive stuff which you can replace them when they fall out of favour with the kid.
Lastly, ask the children for their own opinions and input. As mentioned earlier, kids these days are internet savvy and have a good idea of what's going on around the world - hence they know best what they like. This is their own space after all, and they should be encouraged to use it to showcase their personality.

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