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Simei Street 3 Namly Place New Market Road Tampines Ave 1 Neram Road Depot Road Seletar Green View

Feb 26, 2015


The home owners are working with us for a second time, which makes the design brief a breeze to understand and follow, since we know their basic requirements and preferences. Originally purchased for investment, this house eventually became the residence of choice for the couple after some decision making.
1st storey - after
1st storey - before
The house is located in a sought-after area near the city, and is basically in ready-to-shift-in condition. However, the owners really wanted the house to showcase their large collection of furniture, art and sculptures collected over the years. The remodelling this time is largely focused on integrating these pieces into the house in a systematic manner so they work together seamlessly to create a very personal space for them to relax when they come back.
2nd storey - after
2nd storey - before
The new owners appreciated the scale and proportions of the rooms, having lived in a condominium for the past years. With the large expanse of space available, this also made our work much simpler. On the ground floor, the living room serves as a communication zone when friends and relatives come visit. A TV hangs smartly over the sofa in an atypical fashion so it caters to entertainment when needed. The dry kitchen – another social hub of the living area – was designed for easy entertaining and light preparation of food. The customised unit comes with exquisite quartz counter surfacing and also provides large drawers for storing appliances, crockery and pots and pans.
Attic - after
Attic - before
In the bedrooms, functionality comes first. A lounge corner in the master suite provides for reading and relaxation functions. The room is bathed in hues of lilac, purple and maroon to provide a sense of tranquillity. In one of the bedrooms on the attic, its original function as a bedroom was aborted in place of a study cum guest room. Mirror doors for the new wardrobe expand the sense of space in this room, allowing the user to have a good view of the attached swimming pool from any corner.

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