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Apr 4, 2015


I have not felt any joy holding and reading a magazine in my hands for a long time. That is until recently when I picked up a copy of Design Anthology, a nice-smelling (yes, I mean it) quarterly interior design magazine which looks at stylish homes around the globe.
Many of the titles available on the market now are cluttered with far too many advertisements and dated stories (considering how quickly the internet has made information sharing these days). The crisp paper used, the well curated content and the artful compilation of interior shots set this title apart from its contemporaries. Each issue of the magazine is so well-produced it feels more like a treasured book which earned its rightful spot on the bookshelf. Its main objective is never to compete on showcasing the flashiest abodes or to write about the latest design trend from Milan. No, it offers an authentic and honest opinion on the way people live, or would choose to live. It inspires the readers to discover how every home should have its own character instead of following the latest fad. This is what a good interior design magazine should be.

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