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Dec 4, 2016


I had the honour of attending a lecture by the architect Daniel Libeskind in a local university recently and took notice of this particular residential project designed by his team. This bronzed stainless steel structure is designed as one folded plan and is set into the green Connecticut countryside. Created for an art collector client who, according to Libeskind, wants the house itself to be an artwork rather than a typical abode in which he hangs his personal collection (which explains the lack of art inside).

The result is spectacular in an avant-garde manner yet retaining a cozy. The cladding accentuates lustre and exaggerate the changes of light and season, while the interior is finished predominantly in solid stained white oak. Circulation throughout the home is seamless and free-flowing, a theme which carries through in the nearly-nonexistent distinction between inside and outside. Challenging both traditional and modern notions of “the house in the landscape,” this bold design does not sacrifice itself to its natural setting, but selectively incorporates the elements therein for the enhancement of both house and landscape. Link

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Paul Chau said...

That's one amazingly designed house! Looks more like something you'd see at a museum! I mean can you imagine trying to work with all those sharp angles for storage?

ThomasMaloney said...

Wow, I bet the designer is both futuristic and artistic to be able to come up with such a unique and stunning house design. I wonder if there are actually enough storage areas around apart from the abundant bookshelf. The inconsistent design of the walls must have made it difficult to install shelves or closets for storage purposes. But then again, nothing is impossible with such a creative designer.