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Due to the neighborhood’s connectivity, the inhabitants of the magnificent SkyWaters Residences can simply travel


The multimillion dollar Skywaters Residences contractor developer for SkyWaters Residences is perfect for families as it is close to Singapore’s top Singaporean school. Secondary schools, as well as secondary and tertiary institutes of education, are considered schools. There are other foreign schools, such as Rethasia International, which is close to the expanding SkyWaters Residences. International students can enroll in a globally renowned education program at SkyWaters.

Large corporations including Alibaba and Perennial Holdings Private Limited jointly own Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), which has plans to renovate the 99-year leasehold land for the SkyWaters Residences.

This new building, which is situated in the Net Lettable Area, will contain an equivalent amount of office space to the current buildings or more (NLA).

Within Marine Bay in Singapore’s district 1, SkyWaters Residences offers a chance to create a special moment. Given its central location in Singapore, the neighborhood was created to offer inhabitants the maximum possible living space. The bustling core of Singapore is only a block away from the Central Business District of Singapore. Singapore is currently a sought-after and appealing place to live and work in if you like to stroll through the busy streets that are modern, sleek, and appealing glass constructions.

NLA, also known as GFA, estimates that the total surface area is 720,000 square feet, which is greater than the Axa Tower’s 680,000 square feet at the time it was built using building efficiency estimates of between 80 and 90 percent.

Do you enjoy the tranquility that comes with residing in a city with lots of greenery? SkyWaters is the ideal community to call home because of its beautiful houses and SkyWaters residences SkyWaters. It is close to a lot of public parks that are open to the public. It provides a dreamy, quiet, and tranquil ambiance that is calming to the psyche.

Tanjong Pagar Park, Telok Ayer Park and SkyWaters Residences are all accessible via Choon Guan Street in just 2 and 4 minutes respectively.

In addition the office area will increase to 8,478,808 sq ft (GFA).

Another benefit of living in the gorgeous SkyWaters Residences is that it is in the proximity of many services. Numerous leisure and shopping facilities as well as medical and educational facilities are just a mile from the area that is confined. Thus, residents require less trips to meet their essential needs regardless of whether they are using a public transportation system whether public or private.

It’s a community close-knit and located in Marina Bay. Marina Bay. The breathtaking SkyWaters Residences are the ideal residence for those looking to live an extravagant lifestyle. The lively district 1 is full of trendy and fashionable condominiums, which attract famous guests and professional students. A perfect spot for singles, couples as well as families due to the proximity to a variety of facilities.

The magnificent SkyWaters Residences may be a breath-taking building, and it is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. SkyWaters is connected to a well-established transit network. Site at SkyWaters. The SkyWaters location is conveniently located near major thoroughfares such Keppel Viaduct Road, Anson Road, Shenton Way, and Maxwell Road. The numerous MRT Stations and Bus Stops nearby make it possible to access the estates in the neighborhood.

The construction site might eventually house 86.187 acres of commercial space in addition to 268 opulent residences and 100 opulent hotel rooms.

The residents of the stunning SkyWaters Residences SkyWaters can travel throughout the neighborhood easily due to the interconnectedness of the neighborhood. SkyWaters is situated close the Keppel Viaduct, the main highway. The residents of Marina Bay get access to the bustling Ayer Rajah Expressway through SkyWaters. SkyWaters facility. Anson Road and Shenton Way are both located near SkyWaters Residences, which is also called SkyWaters.

If you’re looking for public transportation, there are numerous MRT stations within the vicinity of SkyWaters Residences. The reason is that the MRT Tanjong Pagar station can be located only two minutes of SkyWaters Residences. Raffles Station Outram Park, Telok Ayer, Downtown subway station is and is connected to a variety of Singapore destinations. Bus stops are located near Tanjong Pagar Station Exit C, Mapletree Anson, Bef Craig Road, Palmer Road, Tanjong Pagar Plaza and The Amara bus stop.

SkyWaters Residences can be the perfect home for families with kids who go to school due to its close proximity to the top-rated schools in Singapore. The majority of schools within Singapore are well-equipped and provide many programs that are loved by many people from around the world. Schools provided by SkyWaters residents who reside within SkyWaters are: Saint Clare School, Cantonment Primary School Superland Preschool 100AM Tots and Teddies ‘ Preschool. Golden Compass Pte Ltd Stage for Kids Global, Galilee Art School.

At SkyWaters Residences, tenants must have a place to call their own , and enjoy themselves. SkyWaters residents SkyWaters also have access to shopping malls that are convenient and include shops within. They have a wide range of items you’ll require including stationery and cosmetics as well as furniture and toys as well as electronic devices. It’s easy for residents living in Marina Bay to reach a single store. Tanjong Pagar Xchange, 100AM Shopping Mall, Marina Bay Link Mall, Change Alley Mall, Cross Street Exchange as along with OUE LINK Shopping Mall are among the malls that are within walking distance.

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Tenet EC commuters will benefit from the Tampines North MRT in connectivity to all the areas in Singapore

Tampines Round Market Food Centre | Photo:

Tenet EC might be first company to become a member of the alliance. It’s expected to announce the Tenet start time in 2022. Customers will be provided with new appliances as well as other products within Tenet EC. Tenet EC will start operations at the end of the year 2026. It’s the brand new Tenet condominium, which is located in Tampines St 62 in the belt of condominiums. It is comprised of two condominiums, Tampines and Trilliant and Citylife.

Tenet map is situated close to Tampines North MRT is expected to be completed in 2029. It is just two minutes of Tampines North MRT. Tenet EC is a perfect alternative for commuters who are using the Tampines North MRT. Tampines Expressway (TPE) is a result of the fact that it is located near. Kallang Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) is situated close to the. Additionally, Tenet EC is situated near in proximity to the KPE. A different road is identified by the number Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) will increase connectivity between all the areas in Singapore.

Santarli Realty was one of the first companies established in 1983 within the field of General Contractors. Today, Santarli is among the most trusted companies within the Civil Engineering, DFMA & PPVC Solutions and construction industry both in the public and private sectors.

Along alongside Tampines North station of the Cross Island Line to open in 2030. This station is expected to become the heart of an integrated hub that is used for transport (ITH Hub) residents of Tenet EC will have the the advantages of having a high connectivity as well as. Tenet is a great location for families seeking to strike the perfect balance of working and family. The brand new EC is situated at Tampines Sreet, a area of 18that is part of Tampines Sreet.

Tenet EC is highly sought-after by potential buyers interested in purchasing the property due to its position close to Tampines North MRT Station. The MRT station, which is still in construction is located within a variety of retail stores selling items, including IKEA, Giant, COURTS Megastore, and Giant Food Centre.

Tenet Executive Condo located in Tampines, is located within 2 minutes away from Tampines Expressway (TPE) and as well. Tenet Executive Condo Tenet Executive Condo is just 2 minutes of Tampines Expressway (TPE) Pan Island Expressway (PIE) both within 10 minutes of Tenet. If you’re looking for schools within walking distance There’s Coral Secondary School, Hai Sing Catholic School, Elias Park Primay School, Tampines Meridian Junior College and Temasek Polytechnic.

The renowned developer is always looking for ways to create homes that are of the best of standards and reflect the lifestyles of the people who live within the area. 2013 was among the years when Qingjian Realty led the industry due to its flexibility in the design process. This was possible due to the development of the very first CoSpaceTM Concept. Qingjian Realty is laying the foundations for a brighter, more prosperous future for Singapore by introducing Visionaire. The visionaire executive home was developed to be the one of the most expensive executive homes. It’s a luxurious community of houses. The initial designs for Visionaire were announced in the year 2013.

North Tampines Town is an neighborhood that is well-maintained, and safe. Residents can learn and grow while staying at home, with friends and family. Residents can avail many amenities and services at Tampines North Hub. Tampines North Hub is scheduled to become hubs within the coming weeks. Tampines North Hub is an lively and bustling area that hosts arcades, as well as malls and other amenities that are 100% Green.

In 1983, the company expanded its operations to encompass every region of the world. The company also signed agreements with various projects around the globe. The firm operates across more than thirty countries that comprises Asia, Europe and the America.

Qingjian’s original DBSS Construction project situated in Singapore, Natura Loft (Bishan) was chosen as it was the most affordable project to construct. The project was recognized with an award called as the “Singapore BCA Greenmark Award “. The other projects are River Isles, Bellewoods, Nin Residence and many more.

More information about Developer Qingjian Realty, the division that is responsible for the construction of The property. It is part of Qingjian Group. Qingjian Group. property which forms part of Qingjian Group Co. was founded as a sub-component in the Gingjian Group in 1952. Its main objective is to construct properties and to oversee Capital Operations, as well as the development and execution of plans for development and providing assistance and advice. It was one of the 15 companies with leases in China that received an all-inclusive lease for residential properties that could be considered to being among the most profitable leases offered. Qingjian was ranked 227th on the ranking. Chinese “Top 500” firms.

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The city is located inside in the middle of Bedok that is accessible by foot


Sky Eden is described as an amazing mixed-use development in District 16. Middle. The development will feature retail space at the lower levels and homes on the upper levels. Sky Eden developer acquired the site for $108 million from one of the biggest property Investment Trusts. The company is highly regarded developer with a wide range of properties across the globe. You can buy top properties at Sky Eden Condo Bedok. Sky Eden Condo Bedok site.

Sky Eden@Bedok is just five minutes of Bedok MRT Station within Bedok. Its accessibility is unbeatable. The developer is able to enjoy the pleasure of building homes that are specifically designed to be used by families. They’re warm and cozy for families of all sizes.

Sky Eden Bedok is one of the most sought-after places for building that dream house you’ve thought about for many years. The whole area is accessible in walking distance to eateries and bars in the area and the market within the vicinity. Residents are able to connect to the Internet in just a few minutes.

Sky Eden@Bedok is an active community that offers services that allow members to relax and unwind without stressing. In addition, it provides easy access to services that you need whether at the office and at home. Services for families are readily available.

Sky Eden The Bedok residents living in Sky Eden@Bedok live away from the hustle and bustle of city life. You’ll feel at ease and relaxed as well as being at peace and calm after a tiring day.

Sky Eden@Bedok Residence is a wide range of activities that children will love to enjoy. It is possible to unwind during the day by taking your friends and family on a picnic, or relax in peace with your family in your own BBQ pits . You can also choose to go swimming in our pool or work towards your fitness goals at our fitness centre, or have a break and let your kids enjoy the large playground that is available to children. There’s plenty of activities to keep your kids entertained.

Sky Eden@Bedok can be described as the most crucial point of connection Bedok MRT as well as an interchange point for buses. It’s a great connection to both the western and eastern lines when it’s needed to travel. Auto drivers can join the line by using Bedok Central Road, New Upper Changi Road, East Coast Parkway and the Pan Island Expressway. These routes will provide easy access into the middle part of the city and the nearby areas of.

Sky Eden remaining units is an ideal choice for parents wanting to purchase homes that are modern and contemporary. Sky Eden could be the ideal space to build your child’s dream house to reside in. The most effective educational options for your child can be available to families who live in Sky Eden since there are numerous co-ed schools that offer higher education. Ping Yi Secondary School, Fengshan Primary School along with Red Swastika School are some of the schools situated within Sky Eden.

Bedok might be the ideal Singaporean region in Singapore. It has many of the most prestigious schools for children that want to to live with and alongside their families. Schools provide care for children who attend primary schools in addition to primary and secondary schools in addition to higher education schools. There are a number of international schools. These include NPS Singapore International School, Middleton International School (Tampines) and Rosemount International School.

The communities are welcoming and warm for families and residents that do not live within the borders. The neighborhood permits your children to attend school only a few steps away from their homes and offers a variety of learning options. The transportation system is efficient and allows children to get to school in only a couple of minutes.

shopping is easy since it’s easy for you to buy within boundaries of your property. Sky Eden@Bedok residents can make a decision to shop for everything they require within the 2 floors beneath. There are a variety of shops around the area, so you don’t need to leave your house to find items for your kitchen , or even make your shopping list and purchase toys for your children or change your outfit. There is also the option of purchasing electronic gadgets.

The city is situated inside Bedok located in central. Bedok hosts a variety of stores and malls that can be accessed via walking. There are numerous malls, such as Bedok Mall Djitsun Mall Bedok, Bedok Sheng Siong, Bedok Shopping Complex Bedok Town Centre and East Village which are just an easy walk away. There’s a range of options and a wide variety of goods in the same time, which can provide the most enjoyable shopping experience. One of the main advantages is that it’s situated within a vast garden located within the property.

They also provide vital services, such as bank and lending, in addition to fantastic places to eat and relax. There are many eateries that are rated as top-quality, F&B stores, and restaurants that serve regional and international cuisines, as well as tranquil spaces to relax.

If you’re not happy You can stroll down Orchard Road where you can shop until you’re content. Orchard Road shopping belt is an area of shopping that is popular with numerous malls that compete with one with each. There are top brands, and provide a variety of options , including tasty food options and a variety of. You could also go for a walk and admire the beautiful views.

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Piccadilly Grand Classic and Deluxe options are available with 407 residential units ranging from 1 – 5 Bedroom Penthouses


Piccadilly Grand represents the quintessential city fringe experience. It’s energetic and youthful all the time energy that is unbound by limits, a diverse combination within a thriving community of culture, effortless access to your home and shopping treatment to meet the requirements of each shopper.

The City has Everything To Offer

If you’re just a few minutes’ drive away from the city’s centre, Piccadilly Grand straddles the vitality in downtown’s Central Business District and the peaceful outskirts that surrounds the town. In addition to offering the best quality of life but also incredible convenience in when it comes to getting to work but a new world of opportunities for live-work-play is waiting for you in Raffles Place Shenton Way and Marina Bay.

Piccadilly Grand CDL & MCL Land has an impressive track record of creating iconic, multi-use, large-scale developments as well as high-end residential developments in Singapore central and the heart of Singapore.

An entire closet within Your Reach

There’s a lot to explore when you have the farrer park MRT station on your doorstep, giving you quick connections to the city’s main shopping districts. There are a variety of shopping options, entertainment and dining choices in the prestigious retail centers of Orchard Road to the surrounding exclusive enclaves, which comprise City Square Mall, this is the ultimate example of urban chic and a diverse life style redefined.

The Location Northumberland Road

The location is strategically designed to provide the ideal work-life balance Piccadilly Grand adds immeasurable convenience and ease to the transportation needs of its residents by offering a variety of connected networks that include Farrer Park MRT which is connected with the project, and an guarantee it is a property will hold its value.

Developer | CDL & MCL Land

Site Plan & Facilities Site Plan & Facilities Step into the Calm

A haven for the senses, you can expect a unique atmosphere each time you visit. It’s the ideal retreat for urban dwellers who desire peace and quiet, but aren’t willing to sacrifice on the convenience. Piccadilly Grand is a place to relax, a spot to be loved.

Floor Plans | Effective & functional

Piccadilly Grand offers 407 residential apartments ranging from 1 to 5 bedroom penthouses. The Classic and Deluxe models are offered.

Reconnect with Nature and put the pressures of the day to the past. The entrance design is like a resort and is adorned featuring the elements of nature and lush greenery. A carefully selected selection of facilities will not only help you rejuvenate, re-center, and restore your clarity, but will create memorable moments for you.

For maximum style and comfort The home you live in is furnished with furniture that enhances every corner and crevice. The entertainment area even flows seamlessly into a fully-equipped kitchen that is spacious. Entertainment is a must for guests and family.

Furthermore, Piccadilly Grand pricing appears attractive to investors and those who want to live lavish lifestyle. Furthermore, they’re luxurious. They’re constructed using top materials, and built by a team of professionals working in partnership with CDL and MCL Land. Piccadilly Grand offers special discounts for early-bird property purchase for people members of the sales directors’ club.

Piccadilly Grand is an organization that is just growing and providing modern and luxurious homes in Singapore. Singapore is among the cities located in Singapore that is home to the most homes that is 407. The developers are well-known for their achievements in the field of property development. property property.

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Lentor Modern’s unique location gives residents breathtaking panoramic views over the estate land


Lentor Modern Singapore will be a mixed-use integrated project located within the Lentor Hill Estate, developed by Guocoland Limited (“Guocoland”). It is renowned for its expertise in mixed-use projects that concentrate on transport that stretch from Singapore’s central city to the Thomson area . Guocoland’s Lentor Modern is expected to bring new and fresh look in Lentor Hill. Lentor neighborhood.

Connecting with the brand new Lentor MRT station, Lentor Modern is a mixed-use development which will consist of three 25-storey structures with around 600 dwelling units. Lentor Modern will have an large sky terrace that is double-volume inside each tower. At the ground the building will have over 96,000 square feet of space that will include commercial space and F&B and retail space.

People who live in Lentor Modern and surrounding areas can enjoy having the wide range of F&B and retail options within their reach like an exclusive grocery store as well as children’s childcare services.

Lentor Modern is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2022.

It is a part of Lentor Modern, which is part of the New Lentor Mass Rapid Transit (“MRT”) The the Lentor Modern site is distinctive in its design because of its mix development of retail, residential, F&B and biophilic sanctuary. On one hand is the serene community of mostly estates based on land, and on the other side is the newly established nature reserve which comprises The Linear Park and Hillock Park.

Its notable accomplishments in the construction of transportation-friendly properties located in the city of Singapore, GuocoLand brings its customers Lentor Modern, the first of its kind ‘Live work, play’ lifestyle concept. The concept is designed to redefine the Lentor Hill area as a bustling place for living and leisure. Residents can enjoy lively bars, trendy eateries and cafes, and also lifestyle choices. With abundant greenery, parks, nature reserves as well as the serene peace and tranquility of Pierce Reservoir, Lentor Modern is the perfect escape from the bustle and hustle of daily life. The new luxurious property is anticipated to become an inspiring landmark and a landmark building that is being constructed.

“We have a track record of transformation of areas, such as in Tanjong Pagar and the upcoming Midtown neighborhood along Bugis-Beach Road. We are optimistic about this plan to transform Lentor Hills as a place to reside. Lentor Hills area into a exciting leisure and life-style location.”

Elegant and Unpretentious, Unlimited Satisfaction
Its imposing presence can be seen from above Lentor MRT at Lentor Central, Lentor Modern bears the distinctive style of the famous GuocoLand Midtown Modern, which is located in Bugis Junction. The development is expected to be a big hit thanks to its impressive new living space in the brand new Lentor Hills Estate.

A landmark that has a fresh design, Lentor Modern is set to be a recognizable and integrated residence that is a symbol of what the future of living can be. It is composed of three towers with 25 stories high, with around 600 luxurious homes. It also features the most modern lifestyle ideas which include stores, F&B shopping , supermarkets , and childcare centers.

The city’s services are effortless thanks to the centrally placed Thomson East Coast Metro Linee (TEL) which makes directly connected stops in Orchard and Marina South in the City Centre, Woodlands in the North as well as Changi Airport in the east in the near future. Residents will also be able to connect to the entire main lines including the Circle Line, Downtown Line, North East Line north-south Line as well as an East West Line via the TEL. The residential and retail components within Lentor Contemporary will be connected to the large and wealthy populace.

Lentor The latest technology is designed to enhance the pleasure of living in an active community by interacting with the people around you as a group of people who are playing as well as learning and collaboration. Residents will be able to enjoy active relationships while enjoying your life to the fullest with a well-planned environment that are flexible, with plenty of sunlight and premium materials can satisfy all your needs. It is known for its expertise in bringing harmony to biophillic concrete buildings Residents will be a home in your private garden and your loved ones, amid the bustle and bustle of urban Singapore.

The breathtaking double vlolume the terrances of each tower give stunning views of across the whole Lentor Hills estate which is an absolute pleasure for residents who live in exclusivity. The views are enhanced by the beautiful facilities for residents to take in the view while spending time with family and friends.

GuocoLand Stellar Track Record
An impressive track record of success in mixed-use, transit-oriented and transit-oriented developments.

GuocoLand is a renowned company with a track record of creating huge mixed-use and mixed-use projects as in luxury residential developments. Guoco Tower Guoco Tower is GuocoLand’s most famous project Guoco Tower is a “vertical city” which features premium office space, luxurious houses with six floors of dining and shops, as and an all-star business hotel in addition to an urban park located above the Tanjong Pagar MRT station. The proposed Guoco Midtown, constructed over the Bugis Station at the interchange, will change the look of the road and bugis beach District by building a 30-storey office tower that is Grade A and has three retail clusters as well as 30 themed gardens and landscape areas as well as two luxury condominiums: Midtown Bay and Midtown Modern. Midtown Modern was the most popular, with more than 60% from the 558 apartments that were sold during the first weekend after its debut in March 2021.” “Martin Modernis GuocoLand’s luxurious condominium is located in Robertson Quay, has recently been granted it’s temporary Occupation Permit (“TOP”). The development’s residential component of 45 units is currently at 97 percent sold.” Guocoland is part of Guocoland

Lentor Modern is the Lentor Modern strategically site in Lentor Central as an integrated development, with numerous distinct features, Lentor Modern will be the most sought-after home to reside in within the City Centre. Lentor Modern is expected to become a landmark residence for both local Singaporeans and foreigners. Sign up for your interest now to be updated with the most current details and become one of the very first to register for the preview of the showflat. Click Here Register Interest

Inundated with Majestic Nature
The 1.7-hectare Lentor Modern plot is situated near vast tracts of nature reserves and parks that comprise fifty-hectares of Thomson Nature Park, Bishan Park, Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, Lower Seletar Reservoir Park and Lower Peirce Reservoir Park. Residents of the future can take advantage of Hillock Park and Linear Park and Linear Park, both of which are just one or two steps from the Lentor Contemporary. With the growing desire to live in nature to enhance health and well-being Connecting to nature is a major incentive for those who buy the property at Lentor Contemporary.

With a buzzing crowd of sports fans, Pierce Reservoir and Seletar Reservoir is definitely one of Singapore most popular natural spots. It’s the ideal escape to the nature for the city-dwellers of Singapore. Anglers, photographers, or bird-watchers can exercise, or just stroll in peace, taking time to think and reflect are top alternatives for those who want to escape. Picuresque sunsets are the natural gifts that will certainly receive a enthusiastic reaction from neighbors. Lentor Modern proximity to nature is an attractive feature for the residents.

You can enjoy a residence that has been built with you and your preferences with your needs in mind. Lentor contemporary. Choose from one-bedroom to four-bedroom luxurious homes, or a expansive Penthouse Sky Suite that’s the best in luxurious living. Alongside thoughtfully designed layouts that improve the sense of space, innovative design elements and smart options allow you to enjoy greater space.

A selection of top bedroom models include an adjustable pull-out counter that could be used as an extra space for food preparation and a dining table, or as a home-office station. In the master’s closet there is a space to organize and store your clothes, so you can put together your daily outfit in a stylish manner. Anyone who is keen on cooking will be delighted by the Italian-designed and built Italian appliance for kitchens. Designer brand kitchen fittings customized to your needs comprise the stove, the hood and oven, which is equipped with a refrigerator as well as a dryer washer. In the bathroom the top kitchen appliances and fittings made under The European Designber brand will create a elegant oasis of tranquility. Take advantage of the finest elements like the chic wall-mounted faucets, as well as the stunning granite vanity units that have sinks that are integrated, and plenty of storage space to keep your luxury toiletries and more.

Double Volume Sky Terrace
All-weather activities to All In The Family. With its well-maintained gardens and fitness facilities open to the public , take in the view as you take breaks between your workouts. Take on the fitness stations, or try to outdo yourself on the jogging track that is outdoors. Involve your kids in the fun, too. Switch off your computer games to an active time. Who wouldn’t want to splash in the water at the park.

Hello and welcome to Curated Space in The Sky
In a chic and stunning setting , which is elevated over the estate. From intimate gatherings, to events that can accommodate hundreds of guests, the various spaces on offer will be able to accommodate all guests comfortably. The idea of a private club is in the air. The clubhouse has spacious lounges. It also has a kitchenette and counter-top with an island which could be converted into bars. Feel at ease to bring your favorite cocktail maker.

Relax and enjoy the VIEWS and that top of the world feeling.The tranquility you’ve been searching for is available in this amazing 2-volume Sky Terrace located in three towers. Its Sky Terrace is filled with relaxation and wellness amenities from beginning to end. each 3 towers features distinct designs and distinctive views.

Start your day with a brisk swim through Infinity Lap Pool. Infinity Lap Pool, and enjoy a dip at Infinity Lounge Pool. Infinity Lounge Pool come sunset and take in the changing shades that the evening sky displays. The Spa Pool and Floating Lounge are great places to unwind. In the Yoga Deck or in the Sky Gym and Power Gym look towards the future and work hard to break the record.

Join your friends and family to spend time together enjoying delicious cuisine. The Sky Terrace dining room is fully equipped and ready for culinary adventures. It is also possible to light the charcoal grill to have a an exquisite outdoor barbecue with breathtaking views.

If you’re in search of an area to relax or write down your thoughts, it’s possible to go to the serene pavilion or private pods which are equipped with WiFi and charging. The co-working space hosts many different kinds of work. The flexi lounge is where the reception area for residential services is located . It is likely to be in the near future. If you need to relax then go into the pods that are private which are designed to ensure security and privacy.


Homes can be envisioned as a 21st century house and live life to the fullest . the most thoughtfully planned space. various greenery options as well as flexible living spaces. A lot of light , and high-end materials that will make you feel more active in your daily activities.

Residential Project Details

Lentor Modern located at Lentor Central is planned to serve as an entry point to Lentor Hills Estate and Hillock Park. Lentor Hills Estate and the to be built Hillock Park. Due to its proximity natural vegetation and natural preserves Lentor Modern’s lush landscape enhances the overall feel of greenery throughout the region and creates a relaxing living space that promotes the active lifestyle that is with a green and natural environment. Lentor Modern’s site will also include an elegantly designed public plaza that provides the impression of welcoming greeting to visitors and the forthcoming Hillock Park and allow seamless and easy accessibility to public transport hubs such as the Lentor Metrorail Station and Bus Stops.

Three residential towers of 25 stories, facing the landslide of the estate and the proposed Hillock Park, Lentor Modern will be the most well-known residential development in the Lentor Hills Estate. It will contain about 600 units. Three towers have an expansive terrace with a double volume that is stocked with an array of recreational facilities, including sky Gym and an infinity lap pool Grill station. There will also be an impressive clubhouse featuring a chic living and function room, offering unobstructed views. There are a variety of apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms luxury apartments and penthouses of various sizes are accessible.


Lentor Modern is situated within the brand-new Lentor Hills property located in an idyllic neighborhood that is comprised of mostly land-locked homes and condominiums that range from low to mid-rise. Anyone who has been a seasoned investor and homebuyer knows that increasing the worth from real estate about location, place and the location. Lentor Modern is located in an exclusive place that isn’t located situated in the central region, but is connected directly to the Lentor MRT Station.


Lentor Modern will seamlessly integrate into its Lentor MRT station which is part of the Stage 2 Thomson East Coast Line (” TEL”) that has been operating since the beginning of its existence. Being located close to MRT stations is a great benefit for those in a position to view. It is anticipated that Thomson East Coast as well as the Thomson-West Coast Downtown MRT routes will bring District 20 even more close to the popular tourist destinations nearby and Singapore’s rest. Singapore as well as the rest is part of North-South Highway which will make travelling to the city’s center simple. Connectivity to every famous spots in Singapore such as Orchard Road, the Central Business District (CBD) and Marina Bay, Woodlands Regional Centre is situated within The North as well as Changi airport in East. This connectivity offers convenience, speedy access, and you’ll be able to rest assured of the property will be worth its price over the long haul.

If it’s completed, when Tel will be completed in 2025, the residents can enjoy an easy access to a range of places on the Island starting at Bukit Timah Botanic Gardens, Orchard Road up to Marina Bay and the East Coast. In addition, residents will be able to access to the entire main lines including the Circle Line, Downtown Line, North East Line and the Line North-South Line as well as the East-West Line – through TEL. Tel.

Everything that is important is Accessible

The residential and retail elements which make up Lentor Modern will be capable of attracting a large and wealthy population. Lentor Modern will bring immense ease and comfort to the lives of its residents. Its owner Mrs Dora Chng, General Manager (Residential) at GuocoLand has stated: “With our upcoming mixed-use development, we’ll be introducing innovative concepts to the community, while paying homage to the region along with the beautiful greenery located in the area. The development will provide people living in Lentor Hills residents with modern amenities and convenience while challenging the limits in the realm of sustainability and sustainability. Guocoland’s principles have earned it the reputation of “The Greenest Place in the World.”

Lentor Modern is also situated close to numerous nature reserves and parks. Residents at GuocoLand’s Lentor Modern will enjoy open views of greenery in the area and the enclave that houses landed homes. The area will also feature new parks that provide seamless pedestrian and bicycle connections.

There are facilities for recreation and relaxation over in Lentor Contemporary as well as F&B and retail at the roof and a direct link to Lentor MRT residents will have access to every convenience you’ll ever require. Are you hungry? Take the lift and choose from a variety of eating options. Are you planning to throw an informal celebration? The gourmet store in the basement is filled with everything you need to prepare delicious canapes and serve the food with champagne or wine whatever you prefer. A child development center located in the same area, parents are able to concentrate on their work knowing that they are close to the children they love.

School for all ages

The Lentor Modern site is easily connected to established schools for children from different ages. It includes schools like Anderson Primary School, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School Catholic High School, Raffles Institution, Presbyterian High School and Anderson Serangoon Junior College, in addition to tertiary institutions and international schools such as Nanyang Polytechnic and the French International School.

A prestigious location within Lentor Hills Estate. Lentor Hills Estate, Lentor Modern is a well-thought-out contemporary design that provides an unbeatable level of accessibility, and all the modern conveniences only a few steps away. set in an extensive and lush natural landscape that will be a part of the development’s three towers.

With the many amenities available at Lentor Modern There’s the best way to get an impact on your time here than to move to the area. Look over the wide range of choices to enjoy a drink, dining and working out or any other thing you’d like to to do and it’s all here. Lentor Modern is all covered.

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The Arden at Phoenix Road Bukit Panjang by Qingjian Realty Launching Soon

Qingjian Realty’s new boutique development is The Arden condo. This residence is conveniently located at 2 Phoenix Road in Singapore District 23. Property-seekers are very fond of this area in Singapore. The Arden Singapore leasehold tenure is 99 years with an expected TOP of 2025. Read up more from here

Prospective buyers can have the home of their dreams with units available in 1-4 bedroom sizes. Each unit is designed and laid out to meet the needs of future occupants.

Every home-seeker today wants a comfortable and convenient place to live in. These units are elegantly decorated with high-quality appliances and home accessories for maximum convenience.

Apart from stunning home units, Former Phoenix Road also offers a great set of residential facilities like a lap pool, tennis court and buffet lounge as well as an incredible rooftop garden that provides a spectacular view of the surrounding area.

The Arden Location

Because of its central location, the Arden Condo makes it easy to find any type of lifestyle that you desire. You can walk to many shopping centers, such as Hillion Mall, Bukit Panjang Plaza and Junction 10. There is also Lot One at Choa Chu Kang MRT Station, which is only a few bus stops away. These three shopping centers will provide all your entertainment, dining, and leisure needs.

The Midwest’s malls include Fajar Shopping Center or Greenridge Shopping Center. These centers offer fast food chains such as Subway and McDonald’s as well as peaceful surroundings. Fairprice and Sheng Siong are both less than 600m from Fairprice. The Giant outlet is just a 5-minute bus ride away or a 5-minute drive away. You’ll find delicious local food almost anywhere you go. If you are looking for something new, Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre and the Market are just a bus ride away.

The area’s educational institutions have made a significant investment to ensure that your children receive a quality education. You can find the SAFRA Clubhouse and Jurong Innovation District within walking distance. You and your family may have a great time together. The development is surrounded by water features that help to relax your body and mind.

Each unit’s price will vary depending on the number of bedrooms. Potential buyers and investors have great opportunities with this unit’s competitive price range. Sign up below to receive a VVIP discount

The Arden Location on Phoenix Road

Access to the Arden Location via numerous LRT and MRT stations is simple. It is very easy to commute from and to this residence. Nearby stations include Senja MRT and Tech Whye LRT. Bukit Panjang MRT is also nearby. Phoenix LRT is also nearby. It provides a joyous ride for its passengers. Private vehicle owners have easy access to major roads such as the Bukit Timah Expressway, (BKE), and Kranji Expressway(KJE) which offer magnificent travel times.

The Arden is at the corner of Choa Chu Kang Road and Phoenix Road. It is also near the Downtown Line’s Bukit Panjang MRT Station, which is only 600m away. From there, you can reach popular destinations such as Bugis, Newton, or Chinatown in just 30 minutes. You can transfer to the Circle Line at Botanic Gardens MRT Station which is a 10 minute walk away. You can use the nearby Phoenix LRT Station to go to other parts Bukit Panjang or to Choa Chu Kang where you will find an interchange.

Numerous bus services are available in the area. These range from feeder services that get you to the best Bukit Panjang food spots to countrywide buses like Bus 67, which can take your all the way to Tampine, 190 that takes you to Orchard in thirty minutes, and Bus services like 170 or 160 that cross the road to Johor Bahru, Malaysia. You can easily get to Jurong West or Orchard Road thanks to the numerous expressways that are available for vehicles, such as the Bukit Timah Expressway(BKE) and Kranji Expressway(KJE). 

Property-seekers should consider the location’s amenities when choosing a home. Access to major amenities such as schools, shopping centers, and medical facilities is important for a comfortable lifestyle.

The Arden is located in a metropolitan area and has many excellent educational institutions nearby. South View Primary School is located in the metropolitan area. CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace Secondary School, Teck Whye Secondary school, and APSN Delta Senior High school are nearby. GESS International School can also be found within a short distance.

The nearby supermarkets and shopping centers make it easy to shop for your favourite brands and get the essential items you need. There are several shopping centres within a short distance of the residence, including Sheng Siong Supermarket and Keat Hong Shopping Centre. Fairprice, Hillion Mall and Teck Whye Shopping Centre are also nearby. These establishments offer recreational and dining opportunities for a fun-filled experience.

Nature parks are a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan life. Petir Park, Pavilion Park Playground and Teck Whye Garden are just a few of the many.

Locator Map

Nearby Attractions to The Arden

Kranji Expressway (KJE)

Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE)

Bukit Panjang MRT

Cashew MRT

Senja LRT

Bukit Panjang LRT

LRT Phoenix

Jelapang LRT

Teck Whye LRT

Bukit Panjang Primary School

CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace

GESS International School Singapore

Institute of Technical Education College West

Chua Chu Kang Secondary School

Jurong Pioneer Junior College

South View Primary School

West View Primary School

Teck Whye Secondary School

APSN Delta Senior School

Teck Whye Primary School

West Spring Secondary School

Sheng Siong Supermarket

Bukit Panjang Park

Giant Supermarket

Teck Whye Shopping Centre

Bukit Batok Fire Station

Chua Chu Kang Community Club

Keat Hong Shopping Center

Bharath Minimart

Pavilion Park Playground

Warren Gold & Country Club

Lot One Shoppers’ Mall

Bukit Panjang Plaza

Hillion Mall

Jadescape Condo By Developer of The Arden Condo at Phoenix Road Choa Chu Kang By Qingjian Realty

The Arden Floor Plan

The Arden layout has a great selection of residential units and a very spacious layout. Apartments with 1-4 bedrooms provide the privacy and comfort that property-seekers desire.

Each unit has a floor area of approximately 950 square feet. The balcony offers a magnificent view of the surrounding area. This is a plus for future owners. These units are spacious from the living room to the bedroom. The unit’s height from floor to ceiling allows for plenty of space, creating a comfortable and cool atmosphere.

It covers 63,002 sq. ft. This allows for plenty of space to build modern homes. These and other attributes make Former Phoenix Road appealing not only to property-seekers, but also potential investors.

TOP 10 Reasons to Buy The Arden

It is located in the heart of District 23.

Qingjian Realty, a well-respected developer, has created this project

Linked by Kranji Expressway, (KPE), and Bukit Timah Expressway, (BKE).

Nearby MRT/LRT stations such as Bukit Panjang MRT (MRT), Cashew LRT (LRT) and Jelapang LRT (LRT)

There are many prestigious schools close by, including Jurong Pioneer Junior College and Bukit Panjang Primary School.

Nearby shopping centres include Hillion Mall, Keat Hong Shopping Center and Keat Hong Mall

Excellent opportunity for exceptional rental yield

It offers great privacy for future residents

A serene neighborhood in the metro area

A wide range of amenities for a comfortable lifestyle

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Belgravia Ace By Tong Eng Launching in 2021, Stay Tune!

Belgravia Ace by Tong Eng is a contemporary freehold strata house located in the center of Ang Mo Kio landed enclave. This development is located in the center of Seletar and contains 107 houses, such as 104 semi-detached units and three terraces. Belgravia Ace is located on a prime parcel of freehold land in the town of Ang Mo Kio, which includes various solutions to appeal to the regional men and women.

Belgravia Ace delivers affluent investors the opportunity to get a brand-new freehold landed home in an exclusive calm corner of this Nim Gardens and Ang Mo Kio district, that will be surrounded by previous jobs like Belgravia Green, Nim Collection and Belgravia Villas, of which were sold out completely.

Ang Mo Kio Hub Shopping Mall Near To Belgravia Ace Landed Property at Ang Mo Kio by Tong Eng

Shopping malls like Ang Mo Kio Hub, Djitsun Mall, and Jubilee Square are close by. The closest shopping facilities have a broad choice of F&B stores in addition to other attire to interest your loved ones and friends. In Belgravia Ace, you will have a one time and serene living encounter.

Ang Mo Kio, is among the most frequently sought-after areas to remain in this silent landed enclave. The practice of changing Ang Mo Kio to a residential city started in 1973, once the plantations were removed and preparations were underway to flip Ang Mo Kio to a world-class city that’s now ardently desired by developers trying to find a community with lots of facilities for inhabitants.

Ang Mo Kio Town has grown to a self-sufficient town that’s in high demand by developers and has received awards for its architectural doctrine and design. Many updating plans are employed in Ang Mo Kio, like in HDB properties, in which the Lift Upgrading Programme has been employed for taxpayers in the public property, providing more advantage to the renters in town. Additionally, there are updates planned for individuals living in private pensions, such as improved street lighting along with much more public playgrounds available to residents at the AMK district. For the older city’s aging community, these comprise Ang Mo Kio Polyclinic along with a 1,000sqm Senior Care Facility.

Greenwich Shopping Mall Near To Belgravia Ace Landed Property at Ang Mo Kio by Tong Eng

Nearby Amenities

Belgravia Ace’s place is so especially desirable as it’s near many present transit networks. Belgravia Ace is a brief distance from Ang Mo Kio MRT Station on the North-South MRT Route, which lets transferring around Singapore really simple as the train runs directly to Yishun, Orchard City Hall, along with other areas.

Consequently, transport at Belgravia Ace is quite simple, because of the numerous established transportation networks which are available.

It’s the third most populous preparation area in the nation’s north-eastern zone and also the most populous in the nation.

Ang Mo Kio is popularly famous for its hawker food, particularly Hainanese chicken rice and fried Hokkien prawn, along with being the most populous. You ought to stop by the food hubs of AMK should you would like an elegant and relaxing dining experience. You’ll taste both the local and global cuisines .

The closeness of a house to colleges is among the most important variables for property choice. This is because getting kids to school is a normal action, and whether the kids are enrolled in a neighborhood school, a lot of time is going to be spared. This really is that if the colleges are close by, much less time is wasted stuck on the highways, and much more time will be spent on the children to perform other things like tuition or even more household together.

Additionally, parents shouldn’t need to run home from school. There are a variety of elite colleges in the area, all which are within a brief drive of Belgravia Ace. Listed here are a few of the schools which are adjacent to Belgravia Ace.

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Crunch your budget and try and pay off your own home loan as early as feasible

Ulu Pandan Park Connector Near Clavon Condo at Clementi Ave 1 By UOL and UIC| Courtesy of:

Based on where you search to your homeowners’ insurance, policies may become rather pricey. That’s the reason you need appropriate information which could enable you to maintain down prices without forfeiting your policy’s quality.

Clavon UOL Venture Investment Private Ltd and UIC Homes Private Ltd were awarded the tender for the site by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) after the two developers submitted the highest bid out of the five bidders.

Prior to buying a house, discover how much insurance works in the area that you are thinking about. In certain places, homeowners insurance is quite large because of a range of variables. By way of instance, if the residence is situated in a flood zone or a place where hurricanes should be anticipated, higher insurance prices are also to be anticipated.

Ensure you’ve got homeowner’s insurance which contains a guaranteed replacement value coverage. Doing this suggests that the insurance carrier might need to pay the entire cost of rebuilding your house in the event of catastrophe. Considering these prices often grow as time goes by, this coverage will ensure that you could manage to replace your property.

They’ll believe that because you own the house outright you’re more inclined to take far better care and pride in your house.

To be able to reduce your policy prices, purchase a good alarm system. Burglars will not stand a opportunity. Additionally, this can make your home look less insecure to insurance businesses. Remember to send evidence your home is protected to your insurance carrier.

If you reside in a flood-prone place, never assume you could rely solely upon federal disaster assistance instead of buying flood insurance policy.

When you have home insurance and have a puppy, be certain you search for coverage choices which cover individuals who might be assaulted by your pet. It is a strange and backward world from time to time, but an intruder could really sue you when your dog attacks him.

If you own your house outright, insurance businesses take the view you will take much better care of it today you don’t owe on it.

If you’re considering remodeling your house, discover how much your insurance will probably be. A house improvement will increase your insurance costs, but just how much the growth is will be decided by the sort of building stuff. Your selection of building materials, for example timber versus a steel construction, will affect your homeowner’s insurance premiums due to probable damage that will happen during fire or bad weather.

Any valuable and costly possessions should be mentioned especially on your coverage or included in the shape of an endorsement. Jewelry, furs and specific electronics might not be completely covered under the coverage limit for fundamental possessions. In cases like this, you’ll have to add them individually.

Choose a higher deductible instead of a lesser one. They may be decreased by around 25% simply by creating a small change like choosing a higher deductible.

If you buy coverage for your market value of your house, for example, property, you’ve probably already bought more than you want. Even following a natural catastrophe, the property will still be there, it’s your house that you have to cover and protect.

Really consider just how much protection you want. Not only do you want to have sufficient coverage for your house itself, but in addition, you should ensure your possessions would be in a position to be substituted. Electronics, furniture and tools may accumulate quickly. Consider what the price of these items will be if bought new.

To lower the amount of time that it requires the insurance company to cover you for damage or losses to your residence, record your house’s contents beforehand. In the wake of catastrophe, it can be tricky to remember what you had and the insurance carrier will need a listing. Take pictures or video from your possessions, particularly electronics. You need to record all version and serial numbers. It is possible to store this documentation at a fire-proof box at your house, but leaving a copy in a relative’s home or exposing one to your self is a fantastic idea, too.

Consider the areas whenever you’re shopping about for a home and homeowner’s insurance. Your neighborhood may create a huge effect on your rates, particularly if it has a higher crime rate. If you understand what impacts your insurance premiums, your premiums will probably remain low.

Now you’ve finished reading this guide and are better educated about the intricacies of insurance coverages; be certain that you look for and locate an insurance provider that will cover whatever you want. Use these hints, and you’ll be able to spare lots of money by choosing the very best bargain.

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Are you struggling to make the monthly payments as homeowner for a house’s insurance policy?

Courtesy of:|Rosyth School Near To Pollen Collection Landed at Nim Road Amg Mo Kio by Bukit Sembawang

Ads for insurers are all on the TV, on radio and billboards. Use the advice in this guide that will assist you understand the facts about purchasing homeowner’s insurance, and also the way to save a little cash too! Do not be victimized with a fantastic effort — understand what you are signing up!

Pollen Collection new launch landed development developed by Bukit Sembawang. Target to launch in 2021.

Lower your yearly home insurance premiums by increasing your deductible. Though you’ll be stuck together with footing the bill for bigger issues you might encounter, it’s well worth it in the long term. Insurance businesses have a tendency to increase a homeowner’s premium following any claim that they create, however small.

Nevertheless, this should only be utilized with houses which aren’t very likely to suffer minor maintenance difficulties, since the homeowner ends up with these prices.

Know your policy’s policy of off-site living expenses. If your property is damaged to the point which you can’t live there while it’s being repaired, it is very good to know whether your insurance provider will cover you to reside somewhere else during this time. It is important to be aware you will have to save each and every receipt once you reside someplace, or you won’t have the ability to show you paid for your expenses.

Many older houses deficiency them in areas which are deemed standard areas to install now and lots of insurance companies provide a reduction as an incentive for you to include more.

If you’re searching for a homeowners insurance coverage, consult the broker who insures your own vehicles.

If you own your house outright your yearly home insurance premiums may fall dramatically as insurance businesses have a tendency to suppose that home-owner’s are far more inclined to treat and secure their own property.

When obtaining renters or homeowners insurance be sure to tell your insurance broker to bring an addendum for flooding and water damage. Most policies don’t cover water damage unless it’s added to the coverage. Even in the event that you don’t reside in a flood zone, then your house can suffer water damage from intense weather and following a fire.

The insurance provider you select should be financially secure. You need to make confident the organization that you’re submitting with is in a position to pay for anything which you need to get fixed. Do this every four weeks after launching your coverage, too.

Check the regional state insurance site before getting a house insurance policy. It includes information that will prove to be very beneficial when making the choices concerning your house insurance coverage. It insures fraud, fraud reports and insurer evaluations, among other matters. All these tidbits could save a great deal of grief in the long term.

When deciding on a house owner’s insurance coverage, start looking in the standard of the corporation. The company that holds your coverage ought to have the ability to back this up. It’s very good to know whether the organization that holds your coverage will probably be around to look after any claims you might have.

If you’re happy with your home insurance policy company, attempt to get higher savings from these using a multiple policy discount! Many times a company will provide a considerable reduction as an incentive for carrying more than 1 policy together so explore policy for your vehicle or wellbeing with the identical company and very possibly save two or more yearly policy premiums!

When seeking to save money on your homeowner’s insurance, you need to have a look at firms offering multiple-policy reductions, which may be 10 percent or even more in case you’ve got more than 1 kind of coverage with the identical business. Examples are if you had health or auto using a business, then purchased homeowner with the identical business.

Think about your insurance premiums once you include improvements to your current home. Typically wood constructions are more costly to insure since they’re extremely flammable. Consider additions using brick, concrete or steel frames because their insurance policy premium is considerably lower. Other potentially harmful developments, such as swimming pools may improve your premiums considerably.

To find a reduction on your house owner’s insurance, get different kinds of insurance through precisely the exact same company. Most firms provide multiple policy discounts to anybody has multiple insurance contracts .

To make certain you’re receiving the best possible prices on your house owner’s insurance coverage, compare and review your coverage frequently. You might realize that something has shifted which can reduce your premium. If you reveal these rates for your insurer, they may provide you with a competitive reduction.

Insurance businesses would like you to pay the maximum sum, even if they’re reputable. This is the way they remain open for your business. Be certain that you use the hints learned here in order to save money while protecting your house at a level that’s essential.

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New rResidential Development in District 15, Liv @ MB

Panoromic Surrounding View Around Mountbatten Residences Condo at Arthur Road Katong By Bukit Sembawang

Liv @ MB condominium is an approaching advancement positioned in one of Singapore’s residential property. Its developer Bukit Sembawang Estates Limited made a decision to redevelop Katong Park Towers to a high-rise home improvement with exceptional design and amenities. This condo is situated at district 15, 114A Arthur Road, Singapore. It’s also near amenities like shopping malls, F&B places, fitnesscenters, outdoor amenities, and sports.

This forthcoming condo includes 99 years leasehold along with a site area of 140,758 sqft. It’s 298 complete units with well-furnished centers for house seekers. These components have a decent cost on them, which makes them suitable for house seekers. The condo includes a great environment as well as surrounded by educational institutions, restaurants, and much more. The region is also perfect for investment because of the high capital appreciation.

Kinex Shopping Centre Near Mountbatten Residences Condo at Arthur Road Katong By Bukit Sembawang

It’s a four-minute walk from the Thomas-East Coast that has the forthcoming Katong Park MRT Station. The hottest Katong Park Avenue can be estimated to be accessible 2023 with four train stops away in the Marina Bay Financial Centre. The condominium is located near major streets and expressways for simple accessibility to other metropolitan places. Personal car owners can utilize the Mountbatten and Arthur street to get the Pan Island Expressway and East Coast Park. It requires a 12-minute drive into the Central Business District along with also a 16 minutes’ drive to Changi Airport.

The great deal of bus services linking the region gives residents easy access to additional areas. Eunos MRT Station, Dakota, and Paya Lebar will also be nearby MRT Conveniently located around the condominium.

The resident could get a shopping mall in a couple of moments because of the large number of shopping malls around the area. The majority of these malls arrive together with restaurants and entertainment centers to allow clients to have a fun encounter. Playgrounds are also set up for children to play .

The next image from Straits Times demonstrates that Katong Park Towers went through a collective purchase and will be manufactured by Bukit Sembawang Estate Ltd.. The property price of roughly SGD345 million will interpret approximately SGD1,280 per square foot per plot ratio.

SITE Program
Best shopping malls round this condo include; Roxy Square, City Plaza, Katong Plaza, One KM Theater, Tanjong Katong Complex, and Joo Chiat Complex. You’ll also be fascinated with the trendy chill-out spots close to the condominium.

Residents may also enjoy luxury cuisines or delicious barbecues since they like the sea breeze because they see these amenities, they comprise; Heritage Centres, Katong Swimming Complex, Eurasian Heritage Center, and much more.